Application Hosting Provider Comparison – Hosting for CMS, blogs and forums

Application Hosting The Internet thrives on the diversity of applications over which pictures exchanged, found friends and blogs are posted. The more dynamic the content can be created by websites, the more information can be presented to users. Above all, however, dynamic content can be rendered more attractive, so that appropriate sites for the visitors appear more attractive. In some cases, the content can even extend from the users themselves. In summary, these properties are also called Web 2.0.

The interaction is not only from the website owners, but also by the visitors themselves. To benefit from these advantages, it requires a special application to manage the website. One such application, which typically relies on scripts, requires a corresponding application hosting, which is based on the needs of a Web 2.0 application and it is perfectly tailored.

What differs classic web space from hosting application packages?

A simple, inexpensive webspace package usually does not offer enough performance to host special, dynamic applications. For operation, the support of various scripting languages ​​and in most cases the use of a database is provided. Due to the large amount of data that can occur when, for example, high resolution pictures, videos are available in HD quality or audio files, must be provided for sufficient disk space.

The web hosting packages and the application hosting providers from our comparison meet these criteria and are also ensured by high-performance hardware and easy access in the data center where sufficient performance is available in order to run the applications on the website at any time and in top speed. In addition, security and privacy criteria play an important role when it comes to the management of confidential data such as addresses, passwords or account information of users.