What makes a business web hosting?

In the web space packages from our business web hosting provider comparison is perfectly tailored to demanding clients offers. Both in technology and in the field service, these packages are designed to meet the demanding needs of business customers. On the technical side of the business webspace packages usually offer too much space, so that even large amounts of data can be managed.

An extended support for scripting languages​​, such as with increased memory limit in PHP and numerous databases ensure that resource-rich shop or CMS systems can be operated without restrictions. Since not to separate e-mail hosting services such as an Exchange Hosting recourse, packets that can be in the hosting business usually create unlimited mailboxes, email forwarding set up and manage email addresses. A flat rate unlimited traffic both in data transfer as well as the mail transport is usually heard during a business webhosting as standard.

In addition to specific technical features business web hosting providers offer from our comparison of a particularly high quality in the service area. These include an excellent support that is available around the clock. In addition to the processing of written requests usually is also a telephone contact. As services are offered on the business web space unlimited packages including weekends, public holidays and outside normal business hours must be accessible, it is appreciated that, especially at these times of the support is fast and easily accessible.

High quality hardware in the computing center of the provider ensures the stability of speed and availability, even if the own online service is busy. To prevent the loss of important data, many business web host take care of automatic and regular backup of customer data to another separate server. This can be installed easily and quickly in an emergency back up.

Websites on which confidential data is transmitted, also need an SSL certificate to ensure by encryption of data for adequate security. Many offers from our business web hosting provider comparison provide appropriate certificates already included with the webspace on.

Encryption is used, for example, for secure transmission of payment information such as credit card numbers or account information, and when users can log in with personal information in a members area on the website. Especially for online shop owners, this is an extremely important issue. Deals, who specialize specifically on the hosting of online stores are also known under the name of the store hosting.